Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning in Mobile can be traced back to a time when home owners would take everything outside their houses as soon as winter ended to clean things up. Furniture, carpets and mats would be beaten to eliminate the dust from them. The interiors of the house would be swept and mopped to get rid of the dust and germs from them. However, with the passage of time, the process of spring cleaning has become much simpler.

You should develop your plan of spring cleaning by prioritizing effectively. If there is a lot of trash that you want to discard, make sure that you order a dumpster much ahead of time so that you can dispose of your waste efficiently.

Spring cleaning in Mobile

Begin with the rooms in your house that are your least favorites and start off by cleaning them. Keep supplies handy in a nearby bucket which you can easily carry from one room to another.

Schedule the cleaning at a time when you have help available to you. Ask your children to help with some of the cleaning tasks. Ask teenagers and other adults to help with the heavy lifting if needed. You can also ask friends who live nearby to give a hand. Getting such assistance from near ones makes the entire process more fun and less cumbersome, and will also speed up the process and make it more efficient.

Make sure you have the right tools in handy before you start with the cleaning. Micro-fiber cloths speed up cleaning without pushing the dust around. Use steam cleaners for cleaning the floors as these do not require chemicals and leave behind no sticky residues.

You can also put an extension cord to the vacuum cleaners so as to be able to clean cobwebs effortlessly. You can also rent a dumpster which will help you in getting rid of all waste substances from your house or office spaces in one go.

When you are cleaning hard surfaces like sinks or showers, make sure that after you have applied the cleaning solution, you give it ten minutes or so to work before wiping the surfaces. You can also heat up a cup of water in a microwave oven, heat it for a minute on high and then allow the steam to loosen spills. After that, simply throw in some Polident
tablets to the water and use the solution to scrub toilet bowls easily.

Keep an adequate number of cleaning cloths handy. With microfiber towels, always rinse in water and wring to clean the wet cloth. Use micro-fiber towels for dusting, then hold them inside a trash can or plastic bag and then shake them to clean.

However if microfiber towels or dry rags cannot be cleaned simply by shaking, then rinse them in water and use them afterward for wet cleaning. The key to doing away with spring cleans is to keep your house well-cleaned throughout the year. Clean and unclog the shower after every use to avoid build-up of dirt.

Make sure that you clean your house regularly. Line trash cans with a bag each time they are used. For instance, washroom waste bins can be lined with reused plastic shopping bags. Call us for a rental dumpster periodically and get rid of the unnecessary clutter in your house. This way you can make your home look clean the whole year round, without having to indulge in elaborate spring cleaning rituals.